Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Short

~Reservoir run, 3.5miles
~Marathon miles - 25

It's been a crazy week, hence lack of posts, but I have added in the running I did do earlier to my total. The hubs has departed for the next 2 months to Turkey. Had my pity party on Friday after he left. Thankfully I was on call this weekend, so that kept me somewhat busy. My parents and brother are coming to visit for the week tomorrow, so even more craziness. I was pretty proud of myself for getting up at 6:15 on a Sunday morning to run before I had to go in and round. I had hoped to go further, but the pager was already going off. I'm learning even if I only get a few miles in, it will do nothing but help. I also learned it is still muggy as hell at 6:45am and you will get awesome armpit sweat marks. And people would keep looking at your beet red face wondering if you're going to croak. Or maybe that's just me...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Battling the Bad Thoughts

~Wednesday: Rest - My Birthday!
~Thursday: 4 miles
~Marathon Miles: 16.25

Wednesday was my birthday! I am officially old. Well, I guess not really, but I did celebrate my 3rd 27th birthday. I took the day off from running/working out, mostly because there truly was not any time in the day and I didn't think running on a full stomach of delicious gourmet Thai food and 2 glasses of wine sounded like the greatest idea known to man. I may also have been in a slight diabetic coma, since my office manager made me the greatest German chocolate cake in history. It was a good day.

My post-birthday present today was another 6:30am run with my ortho peeps in the books. Lindsay, Neil, and I are the unofficial ortho running club. I cannot tell you what a great motivator it is to know that someone is counting on you to show up and run. The run today was gorgeous. Bright blue skies, high-50's, and only 2 near-death experiences. Neil was almost run over by some jerk blowing through a stop sign; I nearly collided with a biker who thought jumping off of his bike right in front of me on the sidewalk seemed like a perfectly reasonable thing to do. I think if Lindsay had been chased by a dog, we would have had the trifecta. But despite the excitement, we ran 4 miles in about 40 minutes and  I didn't completely want to keel over. Not a bad start to the day.

I do love having people to run with, but I will confess, I get a lot of anxiety about it. Not so much now with these particular friends now that I've run with them a few times. However, in general, I have found I prefer to run by myself mainly because I get so stressed out and worried about my pace slowing down the people I'm running with. I also get into a bad cycle of comparing my abilities to their's and wondering "why can't I run as fast as them?" or "if I can't keep up with 3 miles, how will I ever run 26.2?" And, I have the fear of looking stupid. Yes, this is very bad. There was an article in  Runner's World that discussed the mental aspect of running. There are books written on this subject, but the article was a nice read and gave some good tips on how to combat this. I tried to use some positive mental speak with myself when I felt some of those thoughts creeping in today on our run. I think for me, the mental aspect is going to be the most difficult aspect of training. The article discussed having a mantra or words to say to yourself if you're feeling down. I thought maybe I could say "Beer is at the finish?"  Maybe I'll work on that one :)


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Birthday Eve

~3.25 mile run, approx 32 minutes
~Marathon Miles: 12.25

I DID NOT want to get out of bed this morning. At all. Not even a little. Not even with the sunshine. But I did. 95% of the reason I went is because I knew Lindsay and Neil were going to be there too. And they drive much further to get to work where we met to start than I do. So I sucked it up, threw on my gym clothes, and off to work I went. The weather was perfect and I'm really beginning to love running around Cambridge. There are so many little things I've never noticed while driving through that you get to see while running. I love reading all of the plaquards on the buildings telling me why it was important or what famous person did that it's named after.

The only major bummer of the run was the fact that about at mile 1.4, my left hamstring felt like a rubberband about to snap. I had my running pals go on without me so I could stretch. After a few minutes of stretching, it felt better. It didn't start to act up again until the very end. I polled some of my coworkers on some hamstring stretches. I need to spend more time stretching, especially after my runs. The physical therapists I talked to while I was rounding also mentioned that. This will be a must-do.

After a horrendous day at actual work, it's always nice to come home to a nice, home-cooked, lobster dinner. Wicked awesome benefit of living in the Northeast: cheap lobster. Even better: husband who knows how to cook it! Our friend Alexia is visiting for a few days, so we decided to bust out the lobster pot. Our little friends were so tasty, we ate them too quickly for me to snap a picture. But trust me, they were delicious! Paired with a salad, pretty healthy too! (I declined the drawn butter for dipping...trying to be healthy here!)

And for I previewed in yesterday's post...Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp! I found this recipe in my usual way, searching blogs and stumbled upon this great, somewhat healthier version. Honey is used to sweeten up the rhubarb and strawberry mix. I didn't have cornstarch, so I substituted in brown rice flour. It was the perfect mix of sweet and tart, but not overly sweet like a lot of crisps tend to be. It also had just the right amount of topping to give it a little crunch, but not bog down the fruit. And it's perfect for breakfast with some greek yogurt :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday, Monday...

~Friday: Racquetball - 1 hour
~Saturday: Elliptical - 45 minutes
~Sunday: Rest
~Monday: Rest
~Marathon Miles: 9

I would like to know where my weekend went. It was so full of fun that it literally flew by! Lot's of friend time: lunch with Lindsey and her beautiful baby girl, celebrating Lindsay's 30th birthday, and an early birthday dinner for me with our friends Megan and Nick at the amazing Myers and Chang (pretty much freaking amazing...I'll have to do a little blurb in another post. With pics. Because I forgot to take them. Again.)

It was whirlwind, but so much fun! And I did manage to get my workouts in. On Friday, the hubs and I played racquetball. A great sprint-type cardio workout. I was a sweat ball. Aside from losing and getting hit in the ear with the ball and losing my hearing for a few minutes, it was a good time. Saturday, I REALLY didn't want to work out. I was a lazy ass for all intensive purposes. And my back hurt from sleeping funny (add to workout needs - core strengthening). But I went. And it felt GREAT. I'm finding how much I look forward to my workouts. I just feel like such a nicer human being afterwards. I know the hubs appreciates that.

I am sorry for the lack of pictures or interesting things on this post. I am trying a strawberry-rhubarb crisp this evening, so look forward to hearing about that tomorrow! AND I have another fun run in the morning with Lindsay. I know you are all on the edge of your seats.  But until then, GO BRUINS!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Long Day, Short Post

~3 mile fun run with Lindsay
~Marathon miles: 9

Sorry folks, this is going to be short and sweet. This may have been one of the longest days ever. I stayed up way too late last night watching the Bruins/Blackhawks Stanley Cup final game. I only made it through the 2nd OT, since I had to get up early today to meet Lindsay for our 6:30am run. It took everything in me to drag my butt out of bed. However, knowing she would be waiting there for me definitely gave me the motivation to physically pull my eyelids open and get moving. Once we got running, I was SO happy we did it. This morning was perfect; cool and sunny. And at that time in the morning, not too busy on the streets of Cambridge. We left from the hospital and chatted all the way to Harvard Square. Normally, I listen to my music and chug along, but it was great having someone to talk to and the miles ticked off relatively easily. We're aiming to make this a weekly ritual, which would be perfect for my short mid-week runs. That, and it starts my day off on such a great note. Even as exhausted as I am from a horrendous clinic day, I still have some positive running cheeriness left at the end so as not to totally hate everyone, ha! Running is awesome!